fishing in high ocean

What is marine collagen?

Collagen is the essential structural component of all connective tissues, such as skin, bone, tendons, muscles, cartilage and blood vessel, etc. Fibrous in nature. It makes up one third of the total amount of proteins in the body.


The best from the sea.....hydrolyzed marine collagen

SeagenTM is what we have named the fruit of our efforts and commitment to create the best marine hydrolysed collagen with excellent technical characteristics, neutral taste and smell, and microbiological quality.
The Seagen range of fish collagen hydrolysates presents specific parameters to fulfil the requirements of the nutrition, cosmetics and pharmacy sectors.

Creating value for the future

The same positive factors that have allowed Seanergy to produce an excellent range of fish hydrolysed collagens are encouraging our company to keep working on the research and development of other exciting ingredients from available marine raw materials.

Our immediate target is to offer cold water fish gelatines with special properties for specific applications in the food and pharmaceutical areas.

Another interesting project in progress is obtaining fish proteins and flavourings for enriching diverse fish-related food presentations.

The company’s existing expertise in fish oils should bring further new developments in this already traditional field of functional food.

And last but not least, we are totally ready to listen to any collaboration requirements for specific developments or tailor-made products within the scope of our range of activity