In this web page, you will find most popular commercial applications and industrial usages of this protein.

Collagen is the most abundant structural protein in the body. It represents about 70% of the body connection tissue and is necessary for the creation of skin, muscle, bone and cartilage. This protein has a recognised position as functional ingredient thanks to its well known and identified health promoting properties.Its use will be progressively raising according to the gain in popularity that is constantly achieving.
Collagen from fish origin brings the same benefits than the one obtained from mammalians with the added value of its universally accepted origin , therefore it is ,and will increasingly be, the preferred choice in many applications.
Our fish collagen SEAGEN is on the market through our commitment to offer highest quality standards for such a product.

The range of fields and applications which can beneficiate of its healthy virtues is wide and diverse :

The wonder protein for Joints, Bones and Beauty care
Collagen is the structural matrix of many body organs. As the population is getting older or we are submitting them to severe stress, these body supporting structures suffer deterioration which main manifestations are osteoarthritis ,osteoporosis and skin rigidity .
It is now well known and scientifically proved that Hydrolyzed Collagen significantly contributes to maintain bone and joint health and prevents osteoporosis and osteoarthritis while improves the elasticity of skin by stimulating the production of collagen by the skin cells themselves thus maintaining youthful, vibrant skin and neutralising the skin continuous aging deterioration by re-densifying the dermis.
To take advantages of all these healthy effects there is an increasing number of dietary supplements containing marine collagen on the health market with different presentations : tablets, capsules, powder drink mixes, syrups, creams, bars, etc.
A good number of food presentations can offer an added value by enriching its nutritional content with marine origin collagen , dairy products are good examples : collagen-enriched milk based drink, enriched flavoured Yogurts, acid dairy drink and ice creams, but also in foods as diverse as soups, coffeecreamers, cookies , smart drinks , pasta , bread
For all of them Seagen marine Hydrolysed collagen can be the ideal bioactive ingredient.

Marine collagen is also known as fish collagen, due to the fact that cold sea fish is the best source to obtain top quality collagen.

Seagen PG or Seagen SG are ideal hydrolysed collagen for utilisation in food functional enrichment, dietetic supplements, cereal bars, sport drinks...  Designed for improving the health of articulations as well as in cosmetics to improve skin elasticity, strengthening of hair and nails… among many other health benefits.