logo of our factory of marine collagen

Manufacturer is Seanergy at the Faroe Islands.

The company is located in Eiðin the northern side of the archipielag, a nice anb peaceful city at sea-border.

Seanergy – the fusion that makes the whole
Seanergy’s mission is to produce natural high quality ingredients from available marine raw materials mainly for the nutrition, health and beauty sectors 
The two partners of the company make an ideal blend to succeed on this commitment.
In addition they count on the support of local government institutions and other stakeholders interested in promoting synergic activities to the Faroese fish industry

Faroe Biotech Invest – the local partner
This Faroese consortium is made up by the strong financial entity Eik Bank and partners with a lifetime of experience in the fishing industry – both private individuals and companies covering shipping, services and the extraction of value from natural wealth surrounding the Faroe Islands.
The contribution of the consortium to Seanergy is clear – a union with experience in the Faroese fishing industry and financial strength.
Junca Gelatines – the technological partner
With 60 years of presence in the global gelatine market Junca Gelatines has the know-how and the experience within the field of collagen and has been a pioneer in the production of fish gelatine and fish origin hydrolyzed collagen.
Having noticed the clear advantages of the Faroese bonus Junca Gelatines has contributed to creating Seanergy’s first operational reality: a state of the art plant dedicated to obtaining the highest quality collagen derived products with marine origin.

Following this link, you can read a little bit more about history of Junca and Seanegy