Adding value to the natural wealth

from marine origin...

why a web page of marine collagen?

This special ingredient is worth to be explained in a proper way, as too much information on the Net is confusing and mistrusting. We, as proud manufacturers of this natural ingredient, wish to offer true and reliable information on this protein obtained from wild fish origin.

Since many years ago, the company Juncà Gelatines has been working with diverse materials in order to obtain first quality ingredients related to collagen. Hydrolyzed marine collagen was successfully obtained from a range of fish close to cod family. So firstly, they took the raw material, it is, the frozen fish skin, all the way from the North Atlantic area, to Banyoles, in Catalonia (Spain). Then they treated the material so as to obtain the desired high quality collagen. But after having proved the validity of the process, it was important to improve it.

It is very important to treat the raw material as soon as possible after taking off the skin, in order to obtain best quality out of it. This is the reason why they searched for a partner in the fishing area, so as to set up an exclusively dedicated facility to process the freshest available cod skin. And then, the Faroe Islands adventure named Seanergy began....